Gay Marriage: The Right to Love Essay

Gay Marriage: The Right to Love Essay

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Marriage has been a part of society from the earliest of time. The joining of one man and one woman has been celebrated by many. We are taught to be the “perfect” husband or wife or at least the skills it takes in order to be considered a “perfect” husband or wife. We’re taught to love each other through sick and poor and all the battles we will face together. Over time, marriage has changed. Marriage, once a strong bond between man and wife, is now simply a flimsy piece of paper that has no strength to keep them together. Divorces that was once frowned upon and not even an option at one point, happens constantly. The person you swore to love could leave at any moment but that is the worries that come with marriage. Like time, marriage has changed and we now have different expectations of marriage. Marriages could be arranged, loveless, or simply for someone to benefit from either money wise or federal wise. The one thing about marriage that has been fought over for years is gay marriage. Gay marriage, although approved in many countries, has been a struggle throughout America. With only a couple states approving gay marriage, it is still frowned upon by many. Many don’t see the true effect gay marriage could have on society in the United States. Gay marriage should be legalized because times are changing, marriage is a legal right and with gay marriage, there is an improvement in the economy and society itself.
The mind set of America and Americans are evolving with society. America is constantly changing so we have learned to adapt to what society considers the “norm”. What Americans want and what they accept are changing so our laws change with it. Many states have created laws to legalize gay marriage and have found laws that...

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...ther than there should be no limitation to them binding their relationship through marriage. To be able to go around saying that this is your husband or wife even though you are a homosexual couple is something to be proud of especially in this day and age.

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