The 7-Day Christian: How Living Your Beliefs Every Day Can Change the World

Christianity is facing great opposition At the very least, most Christians know what it is like to end up on the wrong side of a politically correct conversation More than ever before, we need believing and behaving disciples men and women who are ready to stand up, stand together, and change

That We May Be One: A Gay Mormon’s Perspective on Faith & Family

A happy gay Mormon That s the shorthand I often use to describe myself, writes Tom Christofferson Some of my gay friends as well as some of the LDS friends are a little surprises that I think it s possible to be a gay Mormon In That We May Be One, Tom Christofferson shares perspectives gain

Living in the Eleventh Hour: Preparing for the Glorious Return of the Savior

Just as the scriptures teach us that the Second Coming of the Lord will be at midnight Matthew 25 6 , so the signs of the times teach us that midnight is close at hand In Living in the Eleventh Hour, author Robert L Millet points our minds and hearts toward the future to the glorious day that