Group Therapy Is A Popular Method Working With Offenders Essay

Group Therapy Is A Popular Method Working With Offenders Essay

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Therapy is part of the healing and treating process that people suffering from any type problems may need. To attain total recovery, some individuals require certain types of therapy. One of the most common therapies is through group therapy, also called group psychotherapy. Group therapy or counseling has become a popular method working with offenders. One of the most fundamental values to group therapy is that an individual is affected by the system in which he or she functions (Brabender, Smoler, and Fallon, 2004). Group therapy is an approach that involves a small group of members and one or more therapists with specialized training in group therapy. This group approach to therapy is designed to promote psychological growth and improve problems through cognitive and emotional explorations of the interactions among members, between members, and the therapist (Brabender et al, 2004). Furthermore, group therapy has shown to be effective with offenders involved in domestic violence, substance abuse, anger, trauma, and sex offenders (Hanser and Mire, 2011). One important aspect of group therapy that Gladding (1996) emphasized regarding the value of groups, is that a basic human need is interfaced with others (Hanser et al, 2011). In order for group therapy to be effective, one should understand the advantages and disadvantages of group therapy. Additionally, courses of action to counter the different disadvantages should be understood.
One of the biggest advantages of group therapy is cost. Comparing the cost between individual therapy and group therapy revealed that group therapy is less due to the individuals involved divide the cost of the therapist evenly (Hanser et al, 2011). Additionally, most offenders, either i...

... middle of paper ... maintained, and the individual talking outside the group continues. Most important, the counselor should be clear to the group of the consequences, if a member breaks confidentiality. Measures such as, being removed from the group, sanctioned by the group, or being suspended from the group (Tomasula, 2011).
Group therapy can be very effective in the correctional environment. It is most important that the counselor understand the advantage and disadvantages of group therapy. Counselors should emphasize the advantages, and take appropriate actions to counter the disadvantages. Additionally, counselors should understand the importance and difficulties of confidentiality in group therapy environments. Finally, in order to have successful group therapies, offenders should be educated on the process of group therapy and the accepted objectives (Hanser, 2011).

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