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Gun Control Laws Essay

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Many people believe that by making stricter gun laws will eliminated armed crime, they also thought that in D.C. on 1976, and when they did pass the anti-gun law armed crime erupted and the capital got the nickname of the “ Murder Capital”. Criminals won’t stop because there is a law, they will break it because thats what they do. There shouldn’t be anymore gun control laws, it is against the second Amendment to ban guns, criminals won’t stop, and people will switch to a different weapon.
Banning any type of gun is against our Second Amendment, the right to bare arms. Rachel Alexander, the author of “Gun control Laws Wouldn’t Stop Senseless Shooting- They Would Cause More”, pointed out a story of a shooting by a kid with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and now because of that shooting they are banning assault weapons, but it wouldn’t ban this 9mm pistol. Coming across this, I realized that banning assault weapons wouldn’t help, because if they do people will just go to a different weapon. Also, the Supreme Court has clearly stated that the Second Amendment protects all of our rights of ...

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