Informative Speech: The American Red Cross Club at State University Essay

Informative Speech: The American Red Cross Club at State University Essay

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Topic: The American Red Cross Club at State University is group that organizes blood drives, and thinks of creative ways to motivate people do donate blood.

Purpose Statement: Check out the flyer, stop in at a meeting, or search for us online, to find out how to sign up.

Audience Analysis:
1. Demographics: People who wish to donate blood will need to be at least 17 years of age and weighing no less than 110 pounds. If one is interested in joining the American Red Cross Club, they will need to be a current MSU student.
2. Psychographics: Just about anybody could be interested in in donating blood or joining the club. Giving blood can potentially save someone’s life, which may grab many peoples attention.
3. Verbal Considerations: Since I am stating the reasons why people should donate blood, I will be very professional as I speak. There will be no slang being used, and a loud, convincing voice.
4. Nonverbal Consideration: Eye contact, hands gestures, and avoid swaying my body around. This will draw more attention to me, and people will hopefully pay more attention to what I have to say
Talk Cards:
1. Talk Cards: During my presentation, I will use the persuasive talk card because I am trying to convince the audience to donate blood and join the club.
2. Content: the key points that I will make in my speech is when, why, where and how to donate blood.
3. Style: Using the correct talk cards will lead to the audience paying attention and interested in what I have to say next. I will keep them on edge so that cell phones do not become a problem.
4. Audience: I wish for my audience to play the student card. I will be throwing in a lot of facts during my speech, which should help persuade them into donating blood.
A. In...

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...ary of Main Points: Donating blood may not be the most fun thing to do. The American Red Cross Society realized that, and tries there hardest to make it as simple, quick and convenient for everyone. Weather you want to become a donor to help save a life, or to overcome your phobia of needles, all are welcome!
c. Implication Statement: Donation of blood saves the lives of millions every year. Just one tablespoon of blood can save a newborn child’s life.
d. Closing Statement: The American Red Cross Society showed me that one person can make a difference. Your blood may go to a family member, or someone overseas that you may never meet. The point is, blood is a necessity and some are unfortunate and need more blood that bodies are able to produce. People like you and I are lucky enough to help those in need. That is why I believe you should all become blood donors.

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