Essay about Gun Control versus The Right to Bear Arms

Essay about Gun Control versus The Right to Bear Arms

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With the topic of gun control comes a widely split crowd. There are those that believe that gun control is necessary for decreasing crime and making a nation a safer place to live. And on the other end of the spectrum, they are those that speak of how anti-gun control is what would make our nation a safer place to live. After all, ?Would a person be as likely to break into another family's home knowing that the family has means of personal protection?? (Warren 308). ?Most everyone will agree that felons, addicts, morons, juveniles, alcoholics, the mentally incompetent, and others in whose hands even an ice pick or a baseball bat becomes a deadly weapon, should be denied a gun.? (Selib 202) However, what about those individuals that are law abiding citizens? Does the Government have the right to make something illegal, such as the right to bear arms, after allowing the citizens to possess personal protection after all these years? They cannot, it would be infringing upon the right that our four fathers gave to this nation, making us the free country that we are today.

Beyond people?s individual beliefs on whether gun control should be enforced or not, is a constitution that gives each person the right to bear arms, and a Bill of Rights to re-enforce that those rights belong to the individual. The second amendment reads, ? The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state.? (Berkin, Miller, Cherny, Gormly A-19) Contrary to how one may feel on the issue of gun control, the second amendment allow each of us to choose if owning a firearm is right for them. Many people argue that the meaning of the second amendment has been manipulate...

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...ny other emotions. Luckily, this is America and by living in this nation you are free to practice the faith of your choice, without ever having the government try to regulate it or take it from you. Your rights are protected and regardless of whether your neighbor agrees with your personal religious choice, you can have faith in whatever you choose.

The issue of gun control is along the same lines as religion. We, the people, were granted the right to bear arms and protect ourselves. This has been our right for a numerous amount of years. Guns are used for variety of reason, and it is up the individual to use them properly. Many choose to hunt for food to feed their families, while others might simply enjoy their uniqueness and be an avid collector. Whatever the reason maybe, people have the right to own firearms and it should not be taken from them.

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