Essay on Gay Marriage Should be Legal Despite Being Immoral

Essay on Gay Marriage Should be Legal Despite Being Immoral

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On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry. Many conservatives are completely against gay marriage and they have stated that they will fight to have the Supreme Court ruling overturned. There are a number of reasons opponents to gay marriage argue that the Supreme Court has made a huge mistake . First, certain religious interpretations maintain that gay marriage is sinful. Fortunately, our country is not a theocracy and public policy should not be based on any religion's values. If a person's religious convictions cause them to believe that gay marriage is wrong, that is personal to them, and that viewpoint should not be thrust onto others. Another argument against gay marriage is that it is seen as destroying the family. Some hold that the family is an immutable institution, but we have seen that the concept of the family is fluid, not static. Divorce used to be illegal in this country, now about half of marriages end in divorce. There are now surrogate mothers, same-sex parents, test-tube babies, sperm banks, and the list goes on. The concept of a man and woman getting and staying married and raising children may perhaps be the ideal, but it is not reality. Our laws must correspond to the norms of society. When the norms change, so must the laws. Another reason some oppose legalizing same-sex marriage is that the aim of marriage is to produce children. Using this logic, marriage ought to be ill...

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