Analysis of the Television Show, Girlfriends Essay

Analysis of the Television Show, Girlfriends Essay

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Analysis of the Television Show, Girlfriends

The T.V show " Girlfriends" is very eye catching for young women between the ages of 16-35. It deals with girl related issues, for example: what am i going to wear on my first date, or do i look fat? These are some of the topics friends talk about. The show is based on four African American women who have been friends since early childhood, it takes place now in the present. The girls are in there mid-20's-early 30's. The characters names are Jone, Tony, Mya, and Lin. Some of the topics which they talk about include marrige, finnancial problems, legal issues, children, and fashion. Jone is a highly known attourney, Mya is Jone's secretary, Tony is a real estate agent, and Lin is a free soul. In the show Tony and Jone are having relationship problems, and Mya is envious of the new secretary that Jone has because she misses the relationship that her and Jone use to have between each other. Mya also loves the gossip in which her and Jone used to share, they share it now and then but not as frequent as they used to.

Tony and her husband are having finnancial problems because her husband has gotten into a huge debt due to the fact that she is a very high matenance type of woman. Her wedding ring alone cost fifty thousand dollars, she believes that if he is poor then they cannot be together because she cannot live a poor life. After she finds out that they are very deep in debt she wants to file for a divorse. He makes her re...

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