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A Report On Binge Eating Disorder

- Binge Eating Disorder Binge eating disorder, also known as BED or compulsive overeating, is a serious disorder that is characterized by a recurrent, irresistible urge to overindulge or binge on food even when you are painfully full. We reveal how and why it becomes a problem, and what you can do about it. It is normal to overeat from time to time, but when it comes to binge eating, the urge is persistent and seemingly uncontrollable, and is usually accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt. Binge eating disorder, just like other mental disorders, is strongly linked to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and stress....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Binge eating disorder]

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Binge Eating Disorder And Obesity

- ... Habits and TV — When certain behaviors link together, such as watching a film and eating a tub of ice-cream, we learn to associate the two and develop habits which are not related to the real nutritional needs of the body. Boredom often triggers a desire to eat, and television and food advertising increases an individual’s likelihood of eating when not actually hungry. Pleasure and Reward — When we eat, we stimulate the brain’s reward system, making eating pleasurable. Over time, we become desensitized to such stimuli and require increasing amounts of the food to get the same sense of satisfaction....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Binge eating disorder]

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Food for Thought: Anorexia Eating Disorder

- Actors, models, athletes, bodybuilders, singers, all of them, are at the pinnacle of marketing. Their images are engraved into the brains of the unacquainted consumers of the media, subconsciously becoming the number one focus. Consequently, a want is seeded in the brains of the fans, later becoming powerful enough to become a need. Diet, exercise, self identity, so many factors come into hand when looking for change, and many will take extremes measures to achieve their goals. Millions of people of which thousands have and have had years of traditions and customs influence their lives, have developed a psychological phenomenon....   [tags: succeed, disorder, eating, habits]

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Eating Disorders And Eating Disorder

- ... Negative body image and poor self -esteem would be considered psychological factors. There is a wide variety of environmental factors that would cause eating disorders and these could include a dysfunctional family dynamic, a profession or career that promotes being thin such as a ballet and modeling, aesthetically oriented sports like diving, wrestling, and long distance running, childhood sexual abuse, severe trauma, cultural and or peer pressure from friends and coworkers, and stressful changes in life (Ekern)....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa]

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Eating Disorders And Eating Disorder

- Eating Disorders An eating disorder is defined as a disturbance in an individual’s eating behavior; whether it is from the lack of eating, or overeating. Anyone is at risk with an eating disorder, men, women, and even children are at risk too; no one is considered immune to this. There are many risks of having an eating disorder. Several things can lead to having an eating disorder such as stress, psychological and sociological reasoning, and even genetics. Disturbance caused by unlimited factors in a person’s diet is known as an eating disorder....   [tags: Eating disorders, Anorexia nervosa]

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Eating Disorders And Eating Disorder

- Abstract Adolescence is a stage of growth-related risk for eating disorders and eating disorder symptoms. This study is targeted to depict the frequency and route of five underlying eating disorder conducts (binge eating, purging, fasting, anorexia, and bulimia.) Each of these has very diverse abilities of insignificant health and very uncommon behaviors. It also intended to resolve the outcome of early adolescent (Age 12-20) depressive symptoms on the frequency and path of these distinctive eating disorder symptoms....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa]

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Eating Disorders : Eating Disorder

- Eating disorders are described as an illness involving eating habits that are irregular and an extreme concern with body image or weight. Eating disorders tend to appear during teenage years, but can develop at any age. Although more common in women, eating disorders can affect any age, gender or race. In the United States, over 20 million women and 10 million men are personally affected by eating disorders. There are many different causes of eating disorders such as low self esteem, societal pressures, sexual abuse and the victims perception of food....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa]

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Eating Disorders And Eating Disorder

- All around the world there are many people suffering from an eating disorder. one of the most common disorders are eating disorders.An eating disorder is any range of psychological disorders charatarized by abnormormal or disturbed eating habits. There are four different types of eating disorders. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating and eating disorder otherwise not specified (EDNOS). Although there are four the three most common are, Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge eating. Eating disorders can lead to health complications....   [tags: Eating disorders, Nutrition, Bulimia nervosa]

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Eating Disorders : Eating Disorder

- ... Papadopoulos who studied more than 6000 individuals with Anorexia Nervosa over 30 years using Swedish research found, “Overall people with anorexia nervosa had a six fold increase in mortality compared to the general population. Reasons for death include starvation, substance abuse, and suicide. Importantly the authors also found an increase rate of death from ‘natural’ causes, such as cancer.” In the National Comorbidity Survey Replication Adolescent Supplement, the doctors found of young people age 8-25 the crude mortality rate was 4% for those with Anorexia Nervosa....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa, Obesity]

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Eating And Binge Eating Disorder

- ... Participants were asked to keep a diary of their food consumption for 25 hours. Eating patterns of the participants played a role in the research. They were advised to write down the names of the foods, brands, the time that they consumed it and how much did they eat. The meals eaten were categorized as breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also documented their sleep. How long they sleep could predict in telling how much food they consumed. They were asked if their jobs, personal problems, families affected their meal and sleep intake....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Eating disorders, Sleep]

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The Body Image Of An Eating Disorder

- ... In their mind set they are unhappy with themselves and, they turn to an unhealthy way of living—and eating disorder. Libby Rodenbough states that, “In 86 percent of reported cases, the onset of an eating disorder occurs before the age of 20” (Rodenbough, Par.13). Is this what we want for our children and relatives. In more depth, eating disorders are psychiatric. In the United States more than five-million people are affected by eating disorders annually (Brinkerhoff 19). In fact, many people have their ribs removed from their bodies to make their waist more defined....   [tags: Eating disorders, Anorexia nervosa]

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Eating Disorder : Bulimia Nervosa

- Getting to Know Bulimia Nervosa As she walks into the room, all eyes are on her. She has everything an eighteen year old could ever want. She wears the latest name brand clothes, has beautiful long hair, and of course she has the hostess body. The guys all drool over her every time she walks by. All of the other girls envy her. However, little do they know, this beautiful young woman does not have it all together. She has a secret, and this secret is an eating disorder called bulimia nervosa. For this purpose, the topics that will be discussed are the meaning, symptoms, causes, and treatments for bulimia nervosa....   [tags: Bulimia nervosa, Eating disorders, Binge eating]

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Eating Disorder : Bulimia Nervosa

- ... Similar to anorexia, those with bulimia also have difficulty with cognitive flexibility as well as inhibitory control (suppression of automatic responses in favor od less automatic ones). Those who are more impulsive are also more likely to participate in bulimic behaviors such as binging and purging. Signs and Symptoms An episode of binge eating occurs when an individual eats a larger amount of food than most individuals would eat in a short period of time. This period of time can be just a few minutes or up to two hours....   [tags: Bulimia nervosa, Eating disorders, Binge eating]

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Children With Binge Eating Disorder

- ... Using psychotherapy and pharmacologic treatment together are thought to improve results. Overall, there are three forms of treatments to target BED: diet, psychotherapy, and pharmacologic treatment. Of the three, there have been studies to find all of them have a positive impact on the treatment of those with BED. Most likely the best form of treatment would be a combination of all three, depending the severity of the disorder. Diet and nutrition can help with the knowledge and purpose of food along with weight loss opportunities....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa]

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The National Eating Disorder Collaboration

- The National eating disorder collaboration defines Bulimia nervosa as “a repeated act of binge eating, which is later followed by compensatory behaviour” (“What is Bulimia Nervosa”). This is a mental disorder seen commonly with young women because of many reasons and causes. Bulimia has a large effect on a person that can stay for the rest of their lives. It is a real issue that does not ever go away. There are many reasons why someone would develop Bulimia depending on the individual and their own struggles....   [tags: Bulimia nervosa, Eating disorders, Vomiting]

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Taking An Eating Disorder Specialist

- There are several treatment options available today. Many of these options help a person that has bulimia break their unhealthy eating patterns. Even though there are several ways to go for treatment, seeing an eating disorder specialist, is a good first step. A physical examination and workup by a medical doctor is part of the initial standard treatment of bulimia, so that the doctor and patient can understand and begin to address the physical problems that may have occurred as a result of the disorder....   [tags: Bulimia nervosa, Eating disorders, Vomiting]

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Anorexia Nervosa Is An Eating Disorder

- 1. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that effects both men and women of all ages but most common in women. Refusal to maintain a healthy body weight. Many women in this day and age are taught by the media that being skinny or tiny in size is the healthy or more wanted body type, because of this women refuse to eat or take other measures to keep their weight extremely low to accomplish this. Many believe that even when they are small in body type that they are still large and see an overweight self in the mirror....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Sleep disorders]

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Anorexia Nervosa And Binge Eating Disorder

- ... You may be at a normal weight or even a bit overweight. Binge-eating disorder When you have binge-eating disorder, you regularly eat too much food (binge) and feel a lack of control over your eating. You may eat quickly or eat more food than intended, even when you 're not hungry, and you may continue eating even long after you 're uncomfortably full. After a binge, you may feel guilty, disgusted or ashamed by your behavior and the amount of food eaten. But you don 't try to compensate for this behavior with excessive exercise or purging, as someone with bulimia or anorexia might....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa]

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Eating Disorders : The Broad Spectrum Of Eating Disorder

- ... From this group, approximately 1 in every 200 is an anorexic female. (South Carolina Department of Mental Health, 2006). Not only is anorexia so prevalent but it also has the highest mortality rate for the eating disorders, with around 4% of sufferers dying from it (ANAD, 2014). The focus of anorexia is sometimes strictly directed at the women that it affects and that is because anorexia is 90-95% comprised of women and girls (NEDA, 2014). The remaining 10-15% of anorexics are males, which are less prone to being treated because of the false impression that it is a disorder only for women (ANAD, 2014)....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders]

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Anorexia Nervos A Complex Eating Disorder

- Nimi Badwalz Mrs. Washington 26 October 2014 English Writing 300 Anorexia Marya Hornbacher once said “We turn skeletons into goddesses and look at them as if they might teach us how not to need.” The media is known to idealize the skinny, without being mindful of the impairment that they are causing women who do not fit into the ideal size clothes. This causes a lot of women force fixation on body image & they become harshly critical of their personal appearance. Anorexia nervosa is a complex eating disorder which talks about three key features: refusal to maintain a healthy body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight, a distorted body image....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders, Obesity]

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Eating Disorders : Eating Disorder

- Eating Disorder(s) Eating disorders are often looked upon as one group. If a person were to Google what an eating disorder is, they would most likely come up with a definition that goes along the lines of a disturbed or dangerous eating habit. However, there is more to it than that. An eating disorder is not simply just an eating disorder. There are many different kinds of these disorders and while similar, they are not exactly the same. Two of these subgroups include anorexia nervosa and bulimia....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa]

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Women Who Are Suffering From Eating Disorder ( Ed )

- ... Being obsessive-compulsive indicates your are anxious and the thoughts turn to fears (Yanovski, 1992). Treatments for ED usually involve nutrition, family counseling, psychotherapy, and hospitalization and medications. Some females have disturbing eating habit. Both disorders make them question their body size, thinking they ended up this way because they could not control their weight and certain characteristic concerns about theirs shape (Cooper and Fairburn 1987). Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa was studied to obtain a good description of two different disorders that deal with psychopathology....   [tags: Bulimia nervosa, Eating disorders]

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Thin I Noticed That Each Eating Disorder

- ... This film shocked me. Going into watching this film I knew the basics of eating disorders, but I could not even imagine the severity of these eating disorders. I think that culturally we all have this individual or similar view of what Anorexia or Bulimia looks like. When approached with questions about eating disorders, most people always have the go to answers or questions, but now I see how ignorant we are. I use to believe that these eating disorders only had to do with people being sickly underweight and throwing up, but it is so much more than that....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders]

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Symptoms Of Anorexia Nervosa, The Most Visible Eating Disorder

- “Anorexia Nervosa, AN, the most visible eating disorder, is a serious psychiatric illness characterized by an inability to maintain a normal body weight or, in individuals still growing, failure to make expected increases in weight (and often height) and bone density.” (cite textbook) The behaviors and cognitions of individuals with AN adamantly defend low body weight. In the PBS Nova documentary entitled, “Dying to be Thin”, the audience is introduced to the world of professional dance where incidents of Anorexia almost appear to be an occupational hazard as demands for thinness prevail in the dance world....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Eating disorders]

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The Dangers of Living with an Eating Disorder

- The Dangers of Living with an Eating Disorder Imagine waking up every morning, struggling to get out of bed. The room spins. Stumbling over to the mirror, you study and criticize every last inch of your body as the words “fat, ugly, worthless” echo in your head. You then stagger to the bathroom, using the wall to hold you up. You don’t remember the last time you ate a “normal” meal. Stepping on the scale will determine your mood for the day. If it has decreased since yesterday, you have succeeded; if it has stayed the same, or worse, gone up, those voices inside your head become stronger, telling you how useless you are....   [tags: Health Eating Disorders Essays]

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A Look at Binge Eating Disorder

- Binge Eating Disorder Binge Eating Disorder also known as Compulsive Eating Disorder, is a disorder in which a person uses food to deal with their stress and other negative emotions. A person affected from Binge Eating Disorder will secretly and compulsively overeat large amounts of food even if they were not hungry at all. During a Bingeing Episode, it could last several hours or all day, and can be reoccurring several times in one week. Often the foods that are consumed are “comfort foods” such as cookies, chips, candy, etc....   [tags: food, mental health, treatment]

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Anorexia Is A Common Eating Disorder

- People across the world, even those without televisions, have heard or seen anorexia. Anorexia is a common eating disorder in which someone does not eat because they have a loss of appetite and want to lose weight. Anorexia can lead to thinning of the body, but the rapid loss of weight includes a multitude of health problems. Models are seen on the television, on magazines, on posters, and on billboards. Do these models know that they may be affecting the minds of younger girls. After these young girls see models through the media, they become obsessed with wanting to be as thin as the models....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Appetite, Anorexia nervosa]

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Parents Suffering with an Eating Disorder

- Government intervention is a slippery slope, especially when you are talking about taking a mother or father away from their children. In most cases, family means the world to a parent and to break that up would be the end of them. Although eating disorders are extremely dangerous and can develop at any age, parents shouldn’t be taken away from their home and family due to this. If the eating disorder has exponentially grown so it’s affecting the child in an intense and immediate manner, parents should stay at home and battle this together....   [tags: Mental Health ]

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Anorexia Nervosa Is An Eating Disorder

- Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that affects not only the physical being that is racked with the syndrome but also the emotional and psychological state of the individual. Through hundreds of years of theories, papers, studies and discussions, we have scarcely come close to understanding how the mind can control even the basics of human need. The impact on the person with the illness is noticeably devastating but Anorexia Nervosa has a strong chance of recovery if diagnosed and treated early....   [tags: Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa]

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Is Anorexia A Serious Eating Disorder?

- Every country has their specific laws and regulations toward immigration and people living in the country and people who arrives to the country must obey them. Although, consider the circumstances mot everyone has a chance to become a citizen or arrive to country legal way that creates problem both ways. Society has an impact to the immigration such as creating “push and pull factor” some countries cannot provide enough resources to survive that pushes people to migrate in the places to seek the better life....   [tags: Immigration, Immigration to the United States]

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Many Causes of Eating Disorder

- There are many causes for eating disorders such as Bulimia nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa. People who may have an eating disorder will try to stay quiet about their problem with many people around them not realizing the issue until it becomes serious. Eating disorders usually tend to have a big impact on teenage girls and women, but it does not necessarily mean they do not affect men at all. Having an eating disorder for a short period of time can make us feel good about ourselves by taking away overwhelming misconceptions, but a continuous eating disorder can lead to some major complications and much stress from starving....   [tags: anorexia, bulemia, media]

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What Is an Eating Disorder?

- What is an eating disorder.  Well, one of the many definitions for an eating disorder is an unnatural pattern of behaviors and thoughts. All eating disorders have similar characteristics. This could be a fear of becoming fat, food, weight, or calories. Families that suffer with other family members or friends with an eating disorder also have an increased chance of depression, obesity, substance abuse, or consuming too much food, and other eating disorders such as Bulimia or Binge....   [tags: anorexia, physial, bulemia]

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Eating Disorder in Adolescence

- Eating disorders are abnormal mind-sets towards foodstuffs, which affects one’s psychological, social, and physical aspects. It may involve overeating or deliberate and excessive reduction of one’s food portions for personal reasons. These unhealthy choices and behavior may have severe consequences. According to recent surveys conducted regarding this subject matter, teenagers form the largest portion of individuals with eating disorders. While some of these adolescents may adopt these abnormal eating habits due to extreme discomfort about their body shape or weight, others use food to comfort themselves in terms of harsh conditions in their social or academic lives....   [tags: health, disorders, treatment]

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I Have an Eating Disorder

- I suffer from anorexia nervosa. I am one of 24 million people in the United States that suffers from an eating disorder and I am only one in ten of those people that has received treatment for my lifestyle (Noordenbox, et al). Multiple doctors, therapists, social workers, and treatment facilities have put forth their time and effort to try and put me and others like me on a path towards recovery. Every educated mind fighting this battle though is waging a war that cannot be won on the current grounds it is being fought....   [tags: anorexia nervosa, body image, mental illness]

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Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

- Description: According to Nanci Hellmich in USA today, binge-eating disorder, or BED, is the consumption of large amounts of food on a frequent basis without the purging of food (2007). This occurs at least twice a week at rapid consumption, consuming a significant amount of food and calories. This is done in one sitting beyond the feeling of satiation. Obesity is almost always the result (Hellmich, 2007). Poor body image and poor health are seen more so with those who binge-eat compared to other eating disorders....   [tags: purging, food, obesity, image, health]

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Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa

- According to the CDC (2013), Anorexia Nervosa is a very serious eating disorder that effect over 0.9% of Americans each year. The DSM-IV-TR criteria for Anorexia Nervosa is “refusal to maintain a body weight that is normal for the person’s age and height”, “Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, even though underweight”, “Distorted perception of body shape and size” and “Absence of at least three consecutive menstrual periods” (Butcher, 2010). The sociological causes of Anorexia Nervosa are influences from peer and media....   [tags: adolescent, skinny, causes]

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Developing an Eating Disorder

- Why is it that people develop eating disorders. There is no simple explanation, and no one answer that applies everyone. There are several types of eating disorders, but the most prevalent in adolescent and young adult females are anorexia nervosa and bulimia (Larocca, 1986). There are six main areas that potentially explain just why it is that people succumb to anorexia and bulimia. These factors are biological, psychological, family, social, cultural, and media (Siegel, Brisman & Weinshel, 2002)....   [tags: Eating Disorders Health Psychology Essays]

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Anorexia Nervosa- Eating Disorder

- Effects of anorexia are mostly seen on the outside of the victim’s body, but do not be fooled. This detrimental eating disorder affects one’s mind just as much as it would the body. What Anorexia does to the mind is that it distorts the way one views their body. Victims of anorexia become fixated on their body image and overly critical about their flaws and weight. Even being obviously underweight, Anorexics will continuously deny that they have a problem and continue with their fatal practices....   [tags: Physical Effects, Psychological Effects]

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Eating Disorder

- Eating disorders are prominent within younger children mostly involving problems that arise in childhood and adolescence. Many times eating disorders could be less prevalent, but throughout today’s era eating disorders have increased significantly; the most common eating disorder, anorexia nervosa has increased three times over the past forty years (Bäck, 2011). Moreover, overweight and obesity within children and adults has increased significantly over the past twenty years (Bäck, 2011). These dramatic statistics are influenced from parent-child interactions....   [tags: adolescents, behavior, confidence]

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Binge Eating Disorder

- Introduction According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, binge eating is defined as uncontrolled compulsive eating, especially as a symptom of bulimia or binge eating disorder(BED). Individuals, who suffer from a (BED), usually, consume, abnormally large amounts of food, quickly. The condition causes sufferers to eat until they are painfully full. we live in a society that accepts encourages overindulging . Therefore, there are probably several occasions on which we eat more than we should....   [tags: Psychology]

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An Eating Disorder: What Is It and How Is It Defeated?

- Living a healthy lifestyle is something that mostly everyone thinks he or she is doing. Of course there are always those people who are aware they are living an unhealthy life, however, they feel as if they have their lifestyle handled and that they can start up a healthy lifestyle anytime they want or need. The term “eating disorder” is one that makes people cringe. An eating disorder is an issue or unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes, but not always, the eating disorder victim eats irregularly because they are concerned about their body shape or weight ("Alliancefored03.donorcommunity.com")....   [tags: learning to feel good about yourself]

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The Increasing Prevelence of Binge Eating Disorder

- Binge eating disorder (BED) is a condition that millions of Americans may have. This disorder is growing in prevalence among our population. People with BED often eat large amounts of food along with feeling out of control with their eating. People with this eating disorder may also eat more quickly that usual during binge episodes, eat until they are uncomfortably full, and even eat large amounts of food even when they are not even hungry. Binge eating is the most common eating disorder among people....   [tags: mindfulness, treatment, body]

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A Struggle to Eat: Battling an Eating Disorder

- The National Association of Anorexia has recently released news that 91% of Anorexia patients began their disorder purely because of crude words said to them from someone the deeply care about. Why would anyone care so much as to what someone thinks to hurt oneself. Or maybe, the bigger question is, how far is too far to feel accepted by society. 21 year-old Holly Griffith shares her story of struggle with Anorexia, the loss of her child through the disorder, and the road to recovery. “When I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified of having to gain weight again....   [tags: anorexia, gender, relapse]

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Parenting styles and eating disorder pathology

- The study “Parenting styles and eating disorder pathology” was conducted by R.S. Enten and M. Golan and published in 2009. The purpose of their study was to find out whether there is a relationship between parenting styles and symptoms of eating disorders in their offspring. The parenting styles they distinguished were permissive, authoritarian and authoritative, terms coined by Baumrind (1966). Parents with a permissive parenting style tend to have a laissez faire attitude, they do not set rules but give the child a lot of freedom and are responsive....   [tags: Study Review, Permissive, Authoritarian]

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Anorexia Nervos A Type Of Eating Disorder

- Overview Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a type of eating disorder characterized by intense fear of gaining weight (1). People with anorexia have a distorted body image, persistent preoccupation with thinness, excessive exercising, unwillingness to maintain minimal weight, and disturbed eating behaviours (1-2). The lifetime prevalence of AN is about 0.3 - 1.0% in women and 0.3% in men (3), with a peak age of onset at 13 to 18 years (4). The mortality rate of AN is reported to be higher than of any other psychiatric illness....   [tags: Obesity, Body shape, Body mass index, Body weight]

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My Experience In College With and Eating Disorder

- I was ten years of age the first time I deemed that I needed to lose weight. My family and I (Mom, Dad and younger sister) were on a ski trip with another family (mother, father and ten year old son). We were all getting fitted for skis and boots and the store associate fitted us asked what I weighed and my mom told him. I overheard the mother of the other family informed the associate what her son weighed and at the age of ten I weighed a little more than the boy at ten years of age, so the message that I chose to believe was that “I am fat, and I am inadequate”....   [tags: weight, confidence, goals]

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Eating Disorder Case Study: Chhaya

- Chhaya is a senior in high school whose self identity problems began as a child with her mixed ethnic background. She blames her parents’ constant fighting (and threats of divorce) on her own behavior and, in turn, strives to become the perfect daughter. Chhaya consequently throws herself into her schoolwork where she repeatedly increases her goals despite the lack of disapproval of others. Social relationships and leisure activities are thrown to the wayside because Chhaya feels guilt whenever she experiences pleasure in non goal-directed activities....   [tags: Adolescent Role Assessment]

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Pica: A Look Into A Little-Known Eating Disorder

- Despite being the most prevalent eating disorder amongst individuals with developmental disabilities and may occur in as many as 25%-33% of children, there is much that is still unknown about pica. There has been little advancement in finding out what causes this disorder and because of that, treating and even diagnosing pica can be difficult. In addition to that, pica can have health consequences that range from mild to severe so, when coupled with the difficulty in treatment and lack of breakthrough research, pica has the potential to be an extremely dangerous disorder....   [tags: Diseases/Disorders]

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Obesity and Eating Disorders: The Two Extreme Eating Behaviors

- On the eating spectrum, there seems to be two opposite extremes, obesity and eating disorders. Most people would categorize their eating behavior as normal or between these two extremes. However, these two conditions are still prevalent in society today. Although rare, eating disorders and obesity have a long history of origin. These conditions, while requiring attention and response, created other concepts and theories. Restraint theory is one that stemmed from curious minds of different eating behavior....   [tags: obesity, eating disorder, restraint theory]

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Increase in Eating Disorder Victims

- Increase in Eating Disorder Victims There are a number of eating disorders which many people suffer from, and most people may not even be aware that the way they eat could be classed as an eating disorder. Amongst the many disorders are the four most notable; binge eating, anorexia, bulimia and obesity. Another disorder vastly approaching the media limelight is bigorexia. The Eating Disorders Association defines this condition as "…outward signs of inner emotional or psychological distress or problems." - believing that people cope with the difficulties in their life though food....   [tags: Papers]

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The Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa

- The Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia nervosa is a relentless pursuit of excessive thinness that interferes with the fulfillment of responsibilities to the self and to others because it produces an intense and irrational fear of becoming fat, an obsession with food and weight control, and a life threatening weight loss. Eventually, a series of starvation-induced physical and psychological changes threatens control over eating and motivates more conscientious efforts to reduce. The result is a truly vicious circle of weight loss, hunger, and fear that will become a deadly noose if the process is not acknowledged and reversed....   [tags: Papers]

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Eight Typical Treatments For Binge Eating Disorder

- ... However, addressing the weight issue and abnormalities of obesity are sometimes a necessary part of an effective treatment plan when they become life-threatening, as is addressing accompanying depression and suicidal thoughts. Comprehensive physicals screen for biological abnormalities such as low levels of serotonin or a malfunctioning hypothalamus sending erroneous messages about hunger and satiation to the brain. Treating symptoms from underlying disorders resulting from obesity that can be triggers for binge eating helps break the cycle: hypertension, stroke and heart attack, Type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, high cholesterol, joint and muscle pain, gastrointestinal problems and...   [tags: intervention, counseling, psychotherapy]

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The Connection Between Media And The Development Of Eating Disorder

- During an interview on ABC, well-known actress, Jennifer Lawrence said, “In Hollywood, I 'm obese. I 'm considered a fat actress. I eat like a caveman. I 'll be the only actress that doesn 't have anorexia rumors. I 'm never going to starve myself for a part. I 'm invincible. I don 't want little girls to be like "Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I 'm going to skip dinner!" Do you know what the most disturbing part of this sentence is. It is that Jennifer Lawrence is not obese, she is not even remotely overweight, but of perfectly healthy weight....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Anorexia nervosa, Dieting]

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America's Next Top Model: Eating Disorder

- Long slender legs, slim figure and size zero hips , that stunning runway model on America’s Next Top Model is the motivation for staying in shape. Appallingly, this motivation is the primary cause of life threatening eating disorders in our young women today. According to a research, 95 % of those suffering from eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25, the primary audience of Fashion modeling television shows. 70% of girls from grades 5 to 12 say magazine images of fashion models influence their ideals of perfect body....   [tags: fashion magazine, anorexia, bulimia]

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Infant-Mother Attachment and Eating Disorder Behavior

- Mary S. Ainsworth was fascinated in the association between infants and their mothers that she later coined the theory of infant-mother attachment. According to Ainsworth, there are three evident attachment patterns that will develop, secure, anxious and avoidant infants. Ainsworth felt it was substantially necessary for a child to transition out from a mother’s attachment and vulnerability to autonomy and independence as a factor in normal development in personality. One of the key points of Ainsworth security theory is that infants need to “develop a sense of direction and secure dependence on parents” before leaving the nest into a strange and unfamiliar situation (Bretherton, 1992)....   [tags: Child Development, Sociology, Ainsworth]

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Anorexia Nervosa: Two Types of Eating Disorders

- ... Nine out of ten of the patients with Anorexia are girls. Most people develop Anorexia a few years after puberty, or when growing into young adults. However, having Anorexia might be related to something in your genes. Studies show that most people who have family members which have Anorexia are likely to have it themselves. Even though Anorexia can be treated, the later the sickness is treated, the harder it is to recover. 40% of patients will develop Bulimia Nervosa later during their lifetime....   [tags: fat, skinny, eating, disorder, worth]

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Eating Disorder Case Study

- Eating Disorder Case Study Mother is concerned that daughter is not eating enough, restricting food intake for 8 months because she feels fat, feels she needs to lose ten pounds, feels that her thighs and stomach are to large, reporting 35 lb weight loss over last 8 months, denies any eating problems, began menarche at age 16 periods normally regular, stop three months ago, exercises daily 20 min. to 2 hours, experiences low energy, chronic constipation and lightheadedness, favorite TV show is “America’s Next Top Model” and reports “feeling down in the dumps” for about nine months, college student, good grades, finding it difficult to concentrate, admits to fe...   [tags: Papers]

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Free Essay on Eating Disorder - Eating Disorders

- Eating Disorders It seems like every little girl dreams of becoming a model. They want to be thin and pretty like the models they see on television and in magazines. Often the desire becomes an obsession and young girls see "thinness" as being a needed characteristic. For many girls, the teenage years are spent trying to acquire this look. Females are trying diets and are exercising like it is a competition to see who can lose the most weight the quickest. The obsession of many young girls over their appearance or weight has led to a growing number of people who have developed an eating disorder to try to deal with their lack of self-esteem or other related problems....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Infantile Anorexia, A Feeding Disorder

- To begin with, infantile anorexia refers to a particular feeding disorder, which mostly develops between the 6th month of a child’s life and the 3rd year (Merwin, 2010). Its main characteristics include refusal to feed, refusal to consume sufficient quantities, inability of regulating fullness and hunger, more interest in surroundings than eating, distractibility, as well as growth deficiency. Notably, feeding disorders among infants, as well as toddlers have nowadays become more common as the assessment and diagnostic criteria are specialized....   [tags: Babies, Toddlers, Eating Disorder, Feeding]

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The Prevalence Of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, And Binge Eating Disorder

- The Prevalence Of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, And Binge Eating Disorder How prevalent is anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other eating disorders. Without the knowledge of research, one is likely to think eating disorders are quite prevalent in society today. However, research proves that eating disorders, in general, are not as prevalent as one might think without any knowledge of the subject. Prevalence of an eating disorder refers to the number of cases of an eating disorder within a population....   [tags: Causes of Bulimia, Eating Disorders]

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Eating Disorder Research

- To what extent do biological approaches successfully explain eating disorders. There are many different biological approaches that explain the reasons for eating disorders they all have some validity behind them to a certain extent. An eating disorder is a psychological dysfunction that causes a person to change their eating habits to eating less, or more etc. Firstly a biological approach was studied by Holland (1988) on genetic concordance between identical twins and non-identical twins. Holland was trying to discover the connection between anorexia and genetics through twins....   [tags: Psychology]

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Essay on Eating Disorder - Anorexia Nervosa

- Anorexia Nervosa There may be murmurs about that girl who only fixes herself a salad with only vinegar at dining services or suspicious glances at someone who spends 45 minutes on the treadmill and then switches to the stair stepper at the rec. On-campus eating disorders are talked about everywhere and yet are not really talked about at all. There is observation, concern, and gossip, but hushed conversation and larger scale efforts to help and change never seem to earn public attention....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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My Eating Disorder Started Before I Was 15 Years Old

- My eating disorder started when I was 15 years old. My mom started me on the diet pills and a couple of my "friends" told me about restricting and binging. Of course back then they weren 't calling it an eating disorder, it was just a fad that girls young girls used to lose weight quickly. It truly was the beginning of the end of Bridget, as I once knew her. Not only did I lose the weight in less than a year but I lost every part of me that I knew was good. It consumed every part of my life. It didn 't matter what anyone told me I never listened it didn 't matter how thin I had gotten I never cared and I always thought, that is up until I turned 30, that I had total control over this disorde...   [tags: Mind, Thought, Idea]

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Anorexia Nervos A Psychological And Possibly Life Threatening Eating Disorder

- ... On the physical side, people affected by anorexia nervosa can have a loss of hair, swallow skin, fragile bones and even a total loss of a menstruation cycle. Mentally anorexia causes its sufferers to be obsessed with calories and develop ritualistic eating patterns. In some cases, individuals become so captivated with body image that they refuse to enter social situations where food will be present. Imagine the movie buff girlfriend you used to know now abstains because the fat enriched popcorn will be too tempting and too destructive to her goals....   [tags: Nutrition, Anorexia nervosa, Psychology]

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Emotional Eating and Seasonal Affective Disorder

- Emotional Eating and Seasonal Affective Disorder Emotional eating and seasonal affective disorder are two different things. Emotional eating is characterized by a sudden feeling of hunger, craving for specific foods, mindless eating and there is no feeling of satisfaction even if you’re already full. This is usually triggered by certain emotions that can be only satisfied by eating a certain food. On the other hand, seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a recurrent depression that is usually experienced during winter....   [tags: symptoms and therapy]

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triggering an eating disorder

- * Triggers If people are vulnerable to eating disorders, sometimes all it takes to put the ball in motion is a trigger event that they do not know how to handle. A trigger could be something as seemingly innocuous as teasing or as devastating as rape or incest. Triggers often happen at times of transition, shock, or loss where increased demands are made on people who already are unsure of their ability to meet expectations. Such triggers might include puberty starting a new school, beginning a new job, death, divorce, marriage, family problems, breakup of an important relationship, critical comments from someone important, graduation into a chaotic, competitive world, and so forth....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Personal Narrative: I Had a Teenage Eating Disorder!

- I have always had issues with my body and my weight. This unfortunately started at a very young age for me. In grade school I was the girl who towered over everyone, and was a little more build than the typical girl my age. All the other kids in my grade looked basically the same from my point of view. There was one other girl who was the same height as me and the kids nicknamed us the “twin towers”. I remember wanting to look like anyone but me at that time. Today I am considered average height and can only wish for a pair of long legs....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Obsessive Compulsive Eating Disorder

- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder One kind of anxiety disorder is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This disease can ruin a person's life because it causes them to have repetitive thoughts and behaviors towards certain things. Life can become very difficult because this way of thinking and acting is very difficult to overcome, especially since the obsessions have no point and are stressful for the person. It begins to interfere with the person's school, work, and/or home. Obsessions are the unpleasant thoughts or impulses that cause the person with the disorder to have lots of anxiety and edginess....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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eating disorder

- Is there a strong connection between the fast food industry and the growing rate of obesity among young children. The answer is yes- fast food consumption is a large contributor to increasing child obesity risks and the effects of long-term health problems in the future. Children are bombarded by fast food advertising on a daily basis which lure them into wanting fast foods in addition to the great taste. The rapid growth of child obesity is in step with the growing fast food chains and market....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Essay on Eating Disorder - Think About Thin

- Think About Thin "From now on you'll eat what I tell you to .... this is the last time you'll refuse to eat. From now on..." ...Be pretty, but beauty is only skin deep. ...Be sexy, but not sexually active. ...Be happy, but please others, first and foremost. ...Be thin, but stay healthy. ...Be thin. ...Be thin. It sunk in. We received the message. Like everything else, it sunk in. It sunk in with magazine covers and standards and scales and diets. It sunk into the minds of seventy percent of the young women between the ages of 14 and 24 and how many can wiggle free from it....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Exploration of Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder

- Exploration of Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder     What if you woke up in the morning and didn't have any recollection of what you did during the night. For some people not remembering is not a problem. Most people just assume that they were in their beds all night, and for most people this is true, but for a small percentage of the population, this is not true. The average person spends approximately 25 years of their life sleeping (Brown, 2002). For some people, this time is well spent, but for others, their 25 years of sleep might not be spent in their bed....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Essay on Eating Disorder - Bulimia, the Destruction of Self

- Bulimia - The Destruction of Self Bulimia nervosa, more commonly known simply as bulimia or binge and purge disorder, is an eating disorder that affects 1 in 4 college-aged women in America, or 1 in 10,000 Americans. The most common misconception concerning bulimia is that it is simply a physical or mental problem. Many people do not understand that bulimia is a disease that affects both the mind and the body, and in its course can destroy both aspects of the diseased individual....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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My Eating Disorder - I Had a Problem with Food

- My Eating Disorder - I Had a Problem with Food Everyone wanted to see me get fat, I was sure of it. For once in my life I had some semblance of control over my body in a way no else did. Managing my body took discipline and I was not going to have anyone interfere. I sat crouched in the small space between my parents’ bathtub and toilet, the cool white ceramic tiles reflecting the blonde of my hair, the tears that somehow managed to eke out of the eye ducts were streaming down my hot, mucus slathered face....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Essay on Eating Disorder - Dying to Be Thin

- Dying to Be Thin Seeing an empty box of over-the-counter diet pills in the bathroom at school a couple of weeks ago really got me thinking: what is the ideal body image that we throw at teenagers today. More and more we see people equate success and popularity with beauty and, especially, with being thin. The media, one of the biggest influences on young people, is crammed with images of "the perfect body," and American life seems to revolve around health clubs, diet pills, and fat-free foods....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Eating Disorder Essay - Bulimarexia Changed My Life

- Bulimarexia Changed My Life It was a frigid day in September 2003, and I was on my way into school. This was the first day of school, in my Senior year. Everyone said it is suppose to be the best year of your high school career. However, it wasn't that way for me. I walked into school on that day, and I felt as if I had some terrible disease. People were avoiding me, ignoring me, and this had never happened before. I was always Miss Popularity all throughout school and I constantly had someone around me....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Anorexia Nervosa: Etiology, Treatment, and Related Information

- This paper was designed to discuss several basic topics regarding anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is and eating disorder with an incredibly high mortality rate characterized by low body weight and an obsessive fear of becoming overweight that occurs primarily in females after puberty, yet before the age of 40 years. Unfortunately, Not much is known about the causes of anorexia nervosa, but possible correlations are blood relation to a person suffering from anorexia nervosa, those who have recently experienced a stressful event, a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder in childhood, or participation in a culture or profession that values thinness....   [tags: Eating Disorder, Informative Essay]

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Fastest Growing Occupations by Daniel E. Hecker

- Fastest Growing Occupations This review will critique the article ‘Fastest Growing Occupations’ by Daniel E. Hecker in the journal Monthly Labor Review in the book Everyday Arguments by Katherine Mayberry (Mayberry, 2009). The brief analysis of the articles author, the point of view, and the evidence provided to prove a claim, is the evidence factual, and sources utilized. Finally the conclusion will be my viewpoint on the article and my personal opinion on why I like or dislike the article. The point of view of Daniel E....   [tags: training, workforce, eating disorder]

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Anorexia: Portrait of a Hunger Artist by Emily Troscianko

- Article summary: In the article, “Portrait of a Hunger Artist”, author Emily Troscianko chronicles her battle with anorexia. As soon she began to suffer from the disorder, Troscianko couldn’t imagine life without it. To her, the anorexia felt like her closest friend. She didn’t even want to have a life without this “friend”. She longed for control over hunger, and loved the sense of power it gave her. Troscianko begins with the end of her story: what made her finally overcome anorexia. She starts out stating that when her mother was going to be moving to a new home with her partner, her anorexia wasn’t welcome in that new home....   [tags: eating disorder, weight, psychological]

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Two Case Studies of Anorexia Nervosa

- Anorexia nervosa is (AN) eating disorder that makes those afflicted attempt and succeed at losing weight until they reach a state of malnourishment for their body size, age and height. Patients with anorexia nervosa have an acute fear of gaining even the slightest weight despite being exceptionally underweight. People who suffer from this disorder use various methods such as over-exercising or over-dieting to avoid gaining any more weight (A.D.A.M., 2013). This disorder has implications regarding one’s security, psychological, emotional, and most importantly, physical health....   [tags: health, eating disorder, underweight]

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Distortion: a Research Paper on Anorexia Nervosa

- Effects of anorexia are mostly seen on the outside of the victim’s body, but do not be fooled. This detrimental eating disorder affects one’s mind just as much as it would the body. What Anorexia does to the mind is that it distorts the way one views their body. Victims of anorexia become fixated on their body image and overly critical about their flaws and weight. Even being obviously underweight, Anorexics will continuously deny that they have a problem and continue with their fatal practices....   [tags: effects, detrimental eating disorder]

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