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The Song Of Solomon By Toni Morrison Essay

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Across many cultures, the idea of flying appears many times. Though spoken in many different languages it ultimately means one thing and universally could mean freedom. The Song of Solomon is a coming-of-age- novel concerning the new generations of the black society. The author gives a strong emphasis on flight and expresses an ideological agenda through the use of of metaphors as well as greek allusions. Throughout the novel, Toni Morrison — the author of the novel — suggests the idea that one must take the slow route of flying and travel, in addition to learning their past to create their own understanding of the world by the use of their life experiences because in doing so, one can create their own history as well as completely understanding the past and take control of their own destiny which will ultimately lead to personal freedom. In the novel, the main character, Macon Dead III who is mostly referred to as “Milkman” goes through psychological as well as environmental struggles in search of his identity.

When Milkman was born, there was a man— who we later on finds out is part of a secret society called “Seven Days” which kills innocent white people to reciprocate the death of any black individual— who jumped off a building wearing a blue cape just like in the myth of Icarus in his futile attempt to fly. Icarus being a mythical creature who pushed himself to the limits in an attempt to achieve the impossible which, in this case, is flying. The story starts of this way to initially show the effects the society have on individuals that may potentially lead to their downfall. Milkman being born in a white-exclussive-hospital marks the idea that discrimination could be broken if only we learn to accept one another. Milkman...

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...the white people do, by travelling she develops a sense of self as well as a deeper understanding in family, she became the only character throughout the novel who had constant understanding of the world around her. In contrast to Milkman, Hagar is also privileged like him and got what she wanted handed to her, the difference is that she became blinded by the thought of having this privilege all her life that when something does not go her way, for instance, Milkman growing apart from her, she becomes unsure of herself and tries change herself according to someone else instead of herself. By going through a journey may it be emotionally or physically, one can develop a deeper sense of meaning in our lives. In other words we have to battle our own demons and be our own soldier just like Milkman had become in order to achieve freedom and fulfilment in our own lives.

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